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If your child is struggling with any of the following:

  • Being "hypervigilant" - extra cautious, anxious, afraid to try new things, isolating from social experiences

  • Sensitivity to sensory input (noises, lights, textures, "picky eating", etc.)

  • Having unexpected reactions to intense situations (seeming to not care after an argument or "shutting down")

  • Mood swings ("going from 0 to 60" with anger, crying "at the drop of a hat", etc.)

  • Sleep (challenges with falling or staying asleep, too much or too little rest, etc.)

  • Communicating with you, family members, peers, teachers, etc.

I would love to support you in gaining a better understanding of why this is happening, how to support them, and how to communicate with them in ways to bring you closer together. A healthy relationship with your child is possible!

I provide Play Therapy services for youth and talk therapy/education sessions for their caregivers. Depending on your child's unique needs, the frequency of sessions could be weekly or bi-weekly, with the ultimate goal being to move to once a month appointments until the youth is ready to "graduate" services and has hit their therapy goals. I have access to a fully stocked Play Therapy room. Please e-mail me to schedule a free consult call.



If you've tried therapy before and you felt like it hasn't been helpful, I want you to know that there are other options out there. When we work together, you're in charge- we work on the things that are important to you, talk about the stuff you want to discuss, and re-design your life in ways that will make you happier. Whether you're dealing with people not understanding you (teachers, parents, friends) or are worried about how others see you, I'm here to support you in figuring out what you truly want and how to get your needs met.

In therapy, I have a direct approach (so you'll never have to guess what I'm thinking) and I love to incorporate YOUR interests. If you enjoy art, we can do that in session or you can bring your art in. If you like videogames, I want to hear all about them and why they're important to you. I also enjoy facts and sharing that with you- like how your brain works or why humans do the things they do.


If you're interested in seeing if we vibe, send me an e-mail and we'll schedule a time to talk.



If you have spent your life feeling like you are giving 100% and are barely recognized or acknowledged, have felt disconnected or isolated from others, have struggled with maintaining fulfilling relationships, or have wondered if there is something "wrong with" you, then please reach out to me. I love working with people who are deeply passionate about different topics, have hobbies or interests they would like to incorporate in therapeutic ways, and who have a healthy dose of humor as a coping mechanism.

When we work together, we will look at your goals and needs through a unique strengths-based lens so that you can make the changes that make sense for your life. I find that the most meaningful changes come from including your passions, values, and wants in our process, so I strive to keep a client-led approach to therapy. I have found that this is the best way to create momentum and allow for changes to be long-lasting. One of my goals is to allow each client to be fully themselves when we meet- without any shame or judgment.



I provide clinical supervision for associate-level Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors who are pursuing licenses in Washington state. I provide monthly supervision (both individual and group) for therapists that enjoy working with folks who have been through trauma, autistic clients, and children/Play Therapy clients.

My fee per individual hour of supervision is $60 and my fee for 2 hours of group supervision is $60. I'm able to meet in-person in Richland or via Zoom for our sessions.

If you're interested in learning more about my background, visit my About page. Please e-mail me to schedule a consult call or to get more information.

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